The Daily Switch • Introducing Switch Off Sunday – 5th May


Fess up, is your mobile always within arm’s reach? Do you check Facey or your emails in bed? If so, join the club – plenty of us here at amaysim are shamelessly addicted to our mobiles (in fact, more than one of us admitted to even sleeping with our phone under the pillow).

As awesome as our mobiles and technology are, sometimes we all need to stop and smell the roses. The world won’t fall apart if, for one day, you switch off your mobile and give Facebook, Twitter and email the day off.

Sunday 5th May is ‘Switch Off Sunday’ – a day for you to digitally switch off and spend a little extra time with your family and mates or just doing something you love.

Switch off Sunday is all about Aussies kick starting their battle to find work-life balance. So get involved - on Sunday 5th May turn off your mobile, log out of Facebook and don’t check your emails. Let’s live like it’s 1999 (except without the Millennium bug hysteria).

Even if you only switch off for a few hours you’ll still be able to get your zen on a little bit.

To help you switch off we’ve created some awesome banners that you can pop up on your Facebook or send out. That way, people will know you’ve switched off and that you’ll be back on Monday. 

What’s the longest you’ve been without your mobile for? What are you looking forward to doing on Switch Off Sunday? 

Update 24/4/13: Switch off Sunday is part of The Daily Switch.  It’s all about choice, so of course we’ll be operating 100 per cent as normal (in case you’re an amaysim customer who might be wondering). You’ll still be able to make calls, use data and send messages. Our customer service centre will also operate totally as normal. It just means that if you’ve been thinking of having a bit of time out, 5 May might be a day to give it a crack! If you like the idea, we’re glad you do! If not, that’s cool too. Not all switches are for everyone, but thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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